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We are a full-service bar with friendly bartenders who are eager to mix up some fun drinks for you and your guests. New to Creamery 201 is our Cigar Lounge!

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New to Creamery 201 is our cigar lounge! Enjoy a cigar and a pour of bourbon right after dinner and before the dance starts. This can be a fun way to treat your bridal party and family. We cover all this information during our tour and more in-depth during our 30-day meeting. 


  • What is your bar pricing?
    Our pricing is based on "per consumption." Per Consumption Bar - You pay the bar tab at the end of the night based on how many drinks were purchased (consumed). Vs Per Person Bar - You pay upfront a flat rate per person cost regardless of whether that person drinks or not. We think it is only fair to charge you for what was truly consumed! We know this isn't the standard for most wedding venues, but Creamery 201 isn't like most venues. On average, couples save between $1000 - $2000 on our bar compared to other venues near our location. We cover all this and more in detail at your 30-day meeting. Check out our current bar pricing here.
  • Are bartenders included in the price?
    Yes! There are no additional fees to have bartenders and bar staff onsite; they are included in our venue price. The only two small print fees associated with the bar: $250 fine if alcohol is brought into Creamery 201 $50 vomit cleaning fee
  • Can we have "hard" liquor?
    Yes! Creamery 201 has a Class B Wisconsin Liquor License. This means we can sell beer, wine, and spirits (vodka, gin, whiskey, rum, brandy, etc.) Since we have our license, we cannot allow any alcohol to be brought on the premise.
  • Can we have an open bar?
    Absolutely, we are very flexible in how the bar can be set up! A few of our popular bar options: - Complimentary beer and wine for guests. Cash bar for mixed drinks. - Complimentary beer, wine, and cocktail hour for guests. Cash bar for mixed drinks after dinner. - Complimentary beer, wine, and a signature drink for guests. Cash bar for other mixed drinks.
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We have compiled a variety of information that we deem helpful or important to know when planning your wedding at Creamery 201. We have included a parking map, bar pricing, a blueprint of the venue, and more!  

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