Wedding decorations made easy

C201 Decor is a collection of signage, glassware, centerpieces, drapery, votives, and other Creamery 201 decorations. 

We got you covered for...


Our team will work with you one on one to pick out the perfect decorations to fit your wedding vision and theme.

Set Up

Our venue day of coordinator will set up all your decorations and pay extra attention to little details. 

Tear Down

No more asking your bridal party to haul out boxes at the end of the night! Our staff handles all the tear down.

20200628_Creamery 201_159.jpg

We know you'll love it

C201 Decor has become one of our favorite pieces in the wedding planning process.


We are confident you will enjoy it too! 

20200628_Creamery 201_147.jpg

C201 Decor is an additional cost if you booked with us prior to 10/01/2019