Our Family

We are the Stahl family.


As a mother-daughter trio, you will most likely interact with two of us, if not all three of us.

The story of how we got here is pretty unique! We can't wait to hear your story.

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Get to know us

Libby Stahl

Event Staff

When Creamery 201 first opened, I spent my time steaming hundreds of tablecloths and clearing tables at the end of the night. These days I can be found serving drinks, lighting candles or updating our social media. Cheers!​

Katie Stahl

Event Director

As the Event Director at Creamery 201, I will be with you every step of the way. My job is to ensure that your event runs as smoothly and as stress-free as possible. I can't wait to hear your story and have the opportunity to host your next event.

Abby Dunkleberger

Event Coordinator

My primary role is being a venue coordinator for weddings. If you book a wedding with Creamery 2o1 I will help pick out your decor, send you down the aisle, and pack up your gifts up at the end of the night. I look forward to seeing your wedding vision come to life.

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Our Story

In 2016, Abby and her now-husband were searching for a venue to host their winter wedding. They stumbled across a "for lease" sign in the window of a beautiful brick building located in our hometown, Fort Atkinson, WI.


After a few short months of remolding and endless research Creamery 201 came to life. Abby's engagement turned into a growing wedding venue and career change for Katie. 

Since our opening in 2017, we have hosted weddings, corporate events, fundraisers, and other special events. We are excited to be apart of watching others create their own beauty and vision within this location. 


The Venue

In 1920, Creamery Package of Chicago built the large five-story building. Over the years it has housed many different manufacturing businesses, each leaving its mark on the unique building. 

 Almost floor to ceiling windows surrounds the space, revealing views of Main Street. In the middle of the building, you will find an opening and mezzanine to the third floor.

Easy access is provided for all catering and business functions with the use of our freight elevator, two stairways, and an additional elevator.