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Creamery 201 weddings are unique to each couple. Our space allows for endless creativity.

Commercial Photography

Our 360-degrees of natural lighting creates perfect photos every time. Our freight elevator allows for easy access to load and unload equipment.

Corporate Events

Our 360 person capacity is perfect for holiday parties and business meetings.


The perfect venue for any celebration

Creamery 201 is located on the second floor of a historic building in the heart of downtown Fort Atkinson, WI.


The clean and white open space allows for endless creativity. 

Our 15,000-sq.ft. venue allows for a capacity of 360. 

20200628_Creamery 201_143.jpg

(920) 723-7725

201 N Main St

Fort Atkinson, WI


Photos provided by Katie Schubert Photography

Photos provided by Madeline Rome Photography

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